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Many businesses may choose to set up a payroll deduction program as a benefit to its employees. Payroll deduction involves the business automatically transferring money out of each regular payment to an employee for employee meals. Setting up a payroll deduction program is a fairly straightforward process. Inform the business’s employees of the payroll deduction program. For those employees that wish to participate, provide each with an enrollment form. If there will be a maximum amount allowed, note the amount and the frequency. Provide copies of the enrollment forms to your HR department to establish the payroll deduction. UT&I will capture all POS activity and post based on pay cycle ie: weekly, bi-weekly etc. Once posted to the payroll processing either internal or external such as ADP or Paychex, the pay cycle total is reset to zero so employee can charge again for next cycle. Integration to badging system and payroll system for new and terminated employees so no manual process is necessary! Automation reduces internal costs and increases employee satisfaction and acts as a major employee benefit. No cash or credit cards fees, no wallets or purses necessary just swipe your card!
Cafeteria’s will see a bump in sales as ad-on sales and impulse sales are higher.

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