Casino Access and Membership System

Minor Control, Membership Self Kiosk, Rewards

UT&I has developed a customized casino access system and membership system. Full integration from POS to access gates to the accounting system. Stop minor access with a self-kiosk that generates membership cards after validation of Driver’s License scan and credit card payment of the selected plan. If a birthday from a driver’s license reveals that a member is a minor a member card will not be activated.
If a member’s name and birthday show up on the casino denied list the member will be instructed to go to the membership desk for verification. Track from gate access whether approved or denied. See how many time guests and members access casino floors. See member’s detailed POS activity on how much they are spending in venues outside of casinos i.e.: restaurants, gift shops, hotels, theaters, or other venues. Website integration with auto email of member renewal data to make sure members renew. All types of demographic and sales reports.

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